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    Babes of the Month Rosanna Arkle, 07 April 2014

    Rosanna is a glamour model who fills her days in as a promo girl and stars on the TV reality show – “THE GC”. Originally from Whangarei in New Zealand, she has lived on the Gold Coast in Australia now for four years. Despite her model like looks, Rosanna is actually the mother hen of the house and spends a lot of time worrying about others. She never leaves the house without her iPhone, Money and Lip balm. Her 5 essential beauty products are tan, false eyelashes, lip gloss, mascara and... More »

    Babes of the Month Ralitsa Ivanova, 30 March 2014

    Rali Ivanova owes her exotic looks to Bulgarian, Russian and Italian ancestry, but she calls Bulgaria home. Her extraordinary beauty caught the eye of a cosmetic company and she started modelling at the age of 15, four years later she made the biggest step in her life and moved to the USA, chasing her dream to live in sunny Florida. She remembers that it took her a while to get used to the American environment, but today she loves her glamour life in the beautiful city of Tamp. Her mod... More »

    Babes of the Month Juliete Cabrera, 30 March 2014

    "I am Juliete Cabrera born and raised in Cuba. I am a simple girl with big goals and dreams in my life in my opinion. I left the beautiful island of Cuba when I was 16 years old to come live in the United States. I love modeling and started when I was only 6 years old modeling in front of my bathroom mirror with my grandmas shoes on and my moms' dresses on, singing with a hair dryer in my hand and dancing to the Spice Girls. Living in the United States has opened so many doors for me w... More »

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    Babes of the Month Tegan Woodford, 09 March 2014

    Based on the Gold Coast, Australia Tegan is one of Australia’s leading Makeup Artists and is renowned throughout the fitness and glamour circuits for her ability to create a flawless face. Through her own past experience as a model, Tegan inadvertently gained a knack for classic technique and a familiarity with products that has helped her become one of the most recognised Makeup Artists in the Australian beauty industry. Tegan has graced the pages of many well known Australian magazin... More »

  • BELLA STOHSOVA BannerMarch2014
    Babes of the Month Bella Stohsova, 06 March 2014

    Bella Stohsova is 23 years old and is as down to earth as they get. “I was born on the Gold Coast in Australia, but my whole family is Czech and I speak Czech too. I'm a very determined person, when I set my mind to something there's no stopping me and I'll go for it, all or nothing- there's no in between with me. I’m a women of many talents, having worked in many different industries, from reception, admin, PA, dental assisting, a barista and now back in fashion which is where I'd lik... More »

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